Sport Climbing in Dorénaz

Hello everyone!

I will be in La Tzoumaz (Oberwallis) from the 20th to 24th of March (next week) and I would love to go do some sport climbing in Dorénaz! Would anyone like to come climb with me?. I have been climbing since 2019 and I am a very safe climber/belayer, who always put safety first. I belay with a GriGri+. I am looking for someone with at least a bit of experience climbing and belaying outdoors, who also considers him- or herself a safe belayer. The grade you climb doesn't really matter :).

I speak English, German, Schwiizerdütsch and Spanish.

Hit me up if you're interested!

Cheers, Seba

Schwierigkeit / Niveau
Experience belaying outdoors, grade doesn't matter to me
Klettern / Klettergarten
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16.03.2023 13:50