Non-profit calendar "Fascinating world of GLACIERS"


I'm mountain admirer, and also free-time photographer, and very often, when I plan a location for hiking/photographing, I check google maps, and I think "wow, what a long and beautiful glacier, should be amazing over there". But, when I come, I see mostly dried moraine and a km of a vertical wall leading to it. I know I'm not the first one to say that, and you all have the same experience - I don't have to explain it to mountain people, but I thought to do what I can, so I decided to make a non-profit (all profit going to environmental and global health projects - e.g. calendar (single prints could be arranged as well) with my photos of glaciers at night. Glaciers are not just beautiful mountain features, they are important source of fresh meltwater (snow melts during the spring, while glaciers melt starting from July, when snow has already melted, thus maintaining the continuous water supply, and acting as long-term water reservoirs). They are also a huge reservoir of CO2, accumulated over millions of years in frozen water (so, release of it with glacier melt would accelerate the warming even more), not speaking about the extinct bacteria specimens stored in the ice (brrr). And night theme in my opinion better conveys the feeling of untouched wild nature, something to explore, to be afraid of, and to care about. Through my photos, I want to encourage people to take care of what we currently have, take some active actions, or just enjoy the beauty of it. There might be not a big impact from my efforts, but I have to try, and do at least something, as something is better than nothing. Closer to the Christmas, I will update everyone who helped with the amount of money I have managed to gather and with the confirmation of donation.

Let me know if you want a copy of it (or interested in any kind of collaboration), I’m taking pre-orders to estimate number of pieces to print. I have it available in A4 and A3 formats with matte, glossy, and art paper with refined surface structure finish.

A4 matte paper = 22 chf
A4 glossy paper = 24 chf
A4 art paper = 27 chf
A3 matte paper = 29 chf
A3 glossy paper = 32 chf

+ shipping costs (pick up option could be considered, but could be a bit difficult to organize)

Kind Regards, Liana

Foto 1 - Non profit calendar Fascinating world of GLACIERS Foto 2 - Non profit calendar Fascinating world of GLACIERS